We Collect Any Type Of Waste 

We can present you with a choice of skips and other waste removal services ideal to clean out spaces, renovation services and demolition projects. 

Domestic Waste

We collect mixed waste generated by households from several localities. This service is also offered to local councils. 

Commercial Waste

We collect waste from commercial, education or entertainment premises, this excludes household, agricultural or industrial waste.

Industrial Waste

Waste produced by industrial activity, including material that is rendered useless during a manufacturing process is collected by us.

Hazardous Waste 

We collect a choice of hazardous waste that has substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment. This includes expired medicine and syringes.

Open Skips Hire

Open skips are ideal for bulky waste streams. They are widely used on construction and demolition projects, or any sites. You can contact us to hire an open skip.

Bulk Refuse

Items that are too large to be collected by the regular waste collection vehicles such as big furnishings and mattresses, can be collected by us at Trihills Heavy Industries. 

Scrap Iron & Metal Services 

We at Trihills Heavy Industries present our clients with a choice of metal collecting solutions

Obsolete Machinery

We buy and sell all types of obsolete machinery

Scrap Vehicles

We buy and sell a selection of scrap vehicles

Scrap Trucks

We Buy and sell any type of scrap trucks

 Metal Collection

We also buy a choice of metals

Scrap Metals

We Buy and sell any type of scrap metals


We exchange copper to cash